10 Ticks

10 Ticks has 65% of the market share in maths worksheets used in schools. We have recently developed two new products, the School Learning System and the Home Learning System. Both products consist of over 4000+ animated worksheets, animated guides, interactive worksheets and fun games.

The School Learning System is designed to save schools money, make teachers lives simpler and make maths fun and successful for students.  The system delivers a whole years maths course in four clicks - all results are stored and analysed online making student comparison and parents evening much more in-depth.  The system quickly spots strengths and weaknesses and recommends areas for the student to revise.  The parent also has a log in which makes tackling low level problematic behaviour simple. Students are rewarded with merits and certificates, reinforcing positive behaviour.  Homework can be set in three clicks, overriding any current work, saving the average maths department £300 per year on photocopying.  In addition we offer schools a re-seller programme which could generate around £2000 for the average school. 

The New Home Learning System allows you to take control of your child’s learning, brings the whole family together and gives your child the confidence to succeed in maths.  The unique system will see your child excel by covering the maths National Curriculum from age 5-16 helping you at every step.  It contains 3000+ engaging worksheets, simple to follow guides, interactive tests, fun quizzes and games.  Our unique reward and incentive system ensures your child grows in confidence.  All results are stored, analysed and marked online enabling you to concentrate solely on your child’s development.

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