Autism Support UK

Founded and headed by Bolton Autism Mum Linzi Tropea Autism Support UK is a Bolton provider of child centred bespoke parent & child training for children on the autism pathway or diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Condition.


Its aim is to help children learn communication, social & play skills in fun-filled sessions at affordable rates while giving parents valuable training & strategies.

Children are assessed at the start & learning goals are set. Data is taken and progress is tracked.


The scheme is overseen by Head Behaviourist Kirsty Keyburn from Bridge to Learning consultancy who are professionals in Child centred programmes/Positive Behaviour Support - an evidence-based teaching methodology which uses a child’s own individual motivations to teach new skills.


Placements are for one parent & their child, each parent will work with their child in Session, the parent will be trained by Supervisors & Room Leaders to deliver the learning themselves through play. Parents will be provided with 2 days intensive training so they can work with their child over the course and parents will set up opportunities for their child to use skills fluently, so they become a part of their daily life routines beyond the centre.


There is a growing demand for early intervention, positive behaviour support and parent training for families in the North West .

Autism Support UK is the only centre in the Greater Manchester/Lancashire area that provide this style of training. It’s great for parents to get the training, support and personalised strategies to work with their own child.

The children have so much fun & learn through their own motivation & play.

The Centre supports many children with different needs each cohort & there are normally two intakes per year.

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The areas we target at ASUK include:

* Increasing Communication Skills

* Group Skills

* Play Skills

* Social Skills

and Reducing any Barriers To Learning

Age 2 to 9 years
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