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Ashcroft School is one of the North West’s leading specialist education providers for students aged 8 to 18. We are a pioneering, life-changing school, supporting students with needs including social, emotional and mental health difficulties. Our students may have struggled to cope in other settings because of their individual barriers to learning.

At Ashcroft School we pride ourselves in working with each student to offer a bespoke education package that meets their individual needs. Staff relight the spark in our young people and reengage them with learning.  We build confidence and self esteem to change how students feel about themselves.

Ashcroft staff are experienced and dedicated and led by a national award winning Headteacher. We are committed to ensuring that every young person coming through our door reaches their potential - that means building trust with our students, providing intensive support and tailoring all we offer to their specific needs.

We cater for pupils with complex emotional needs including ADHD, ASC and acquired brain injuries working closely with local authorities to support looked after children.

Ashcroft School provides 25 hours of learning per week and offers a broad and balanced curriculum adapted to reflect individual needs. 

Ashcroft School offers a broad and balanced curriculum adapted to the individual needs of each student.  Every young person has a personalised education plan, with opportunities to gain nationally recognised qualifications to GCSE and beyond.

Our curriculum is based on the national curriculum, and the delivery of core curriculum subjects gives our young people the opportunity to improve their skills particularly where they have gaps or difficulty with learning skills or concepts.

Improvements in literacy and numeracy are crucial to the long-term success of our students. As a large number struggle with their literacy skills, we provide the intensive one to one literacy and specialist support they need to progress. With this support, students often make significant improvements very quickly. This in turn engages and motivates students and so improves their learning and development.

Ashcroft School focuses on curriculum themes that have a track record of engaging hard to reach young people. These include curriculum enrichment projects such as drama and music, cookery, outdoor pursuits, relaxation and vocational skills. All students are given the opportunity to work on a broad range of projects and our filmmaking projects are a particularly successful example of engaging young people and helping them to learn new skills. 

Our curriculum strives to be progressive with careful reference to both local and national research and development. It not only meets the immediate needs of our students, but also provides the necessary tools to access further education, training and employment in the future. We have high expectations of our students and are committed to raising achievement.

Ashcroft School also has a range of specialist programmes available to its students which include:

•           The Nurture Group

•           Play Therapy

•           Access Group

•           Vocational training for 14 – 18 year olds

Further information regarding these can be found by searching ‘Ashcroft programmes’ at


Age 8 to 18 years
Cost For further information regarding admissions, please contact us on 0161 283 4832 or visit and search for ‘Ashcroft admissions’.
Referral details We welcome contact from parents/carers and other professionals who are seeking places for young people at the school, as it gives us the opportunity to explain more about ourselves and to answer any questions that you may have. Parents, carers and learners are welcome to visit the school to see what we do and meet with our staff team and pupils. Referrals are usually initiated through the Headteacher by the referring agency and Ashcroft School accepts formal referrals from: • Local authority teams • Social workers • Residential care homes or fostering services • Virtual school teams All relevant information is taken from the referring agency prior to the pupil and their parent/carers visit. The school would receive a copy of the EHCP / Statement and would meet the prospective pupil before a final decision is given and a formal offer of a place made. We work closely with the referring agency at every stage of the student’s education until they are ready to leave Ashcroft School to attend mainstream education, further education, or move into a work placement. Further information regarding admissions to Ashcroft School can be found by searching ‘Ashcroft admissions’ on or for more information or to arrange a visit please contact our reception on 0161 283 4832 or email us at
Special provisions We are specialist education setting, catering for young people with needs such as social, emotional and mental health difficulties. Students may also have other difficulties such as school phobia, anxiety, depression, or have diagnoses of ADHD, foetal alcohol syndrome, acquired brain injury (ABI) or autism spectrum conditions (ASC). Our staff are experienced and dedicated, and they strive to ensure every young person that comes through our door reaches their potential, helping them to move forward into a happy and fulfilled future equipped with the skills they need to be able to cope with their chosen life path. We adopt a variety of methodologies, often not available in mainstream schools, to ensure we work flexibly with each young person as a direct response to their individual needs with particular expertise in providing education services for children in public care, within foster care or living in children’s homes.Ashcroft School is a registered centre for Edexcel and AQA (Assessment and Qualifications Alliance) enabling young people achieve age appropriate nationally recognised qualifications and complete accredited work experience. Our Nurture group provides students with the opportunity to experience the early nurturing experiences some children and young people lack, giving them the skills to do well at school, make friends and deal more confidently and calmly with life’s challenges. The Nurture Group at Ashcroft School has been accredited by the Nurture Group Network and has received an outstanding rating from the prestigious Marjorie Boxall Quality Mark award. It is a small, specialised unit catering for students in Key Stages 1, 2 and 3, and occasionally Key Stage 4. Ashcroft School has a resident play therapist, access to clinical psychology, speech and language therapy and a state of the art playroom with a broad range of materials including sand, musical instruments, clay, puppets, masks and everything needed to spark a young person’s imagination. Through play students make sense of issues affecting their lives by exploring their thoughts and feelings. This type of therapy is suitable for students experiencing a wide range of difficulties including parental conflict, bereavement, witnessing a traumatic event and emotional/ behavioural issues. Our play therapist works to equip young people with adaptive behaviours and better coping mechanisms for everyday life, tailoring the therapy to individual need. Through therapy our students develop a more positive view of their place in the world, anxiety is reduced and we build trust and confidence. At Building Opportunities, we prepare students to enter one of the fastest growing industries in the UK – construction. The centre is an excellent option for young people aged 14 to 19, who prefer to work in a practical environment. Building Opportunities provides each student with the attention, support and personalised learning package they need to achieve. Our Stockport based facility allows students to engage with a curriculum better suited to their specific needs and to gain confidence along the way. Not only do we focus on gaining skills, we incorporate relationship building, personal growth and development in the context of a strong real world work ethic. Building Opportunities offers industry recognised qualifications at BTEC Levels 1 and 2 in a range of specialist areas including joinery and carpentry, brickwork and painting and decorating. The centre is registered to deliver Ascentis and BTEC qualifications. We have developed a provision offering a number of construction based vocational activities along with basic numeracy and literacy and some outdoor education provision. This is a resource that schools and colleges can commission for individuals or groups of students as a weekly or block placement. Children’s homes wanting to prepare young people for independent living can also commission sessions during school holidays.
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