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  1. Ashworth Lane, Bolton, BL1 8RD

    Caters for: Vegetarian
    Available facilites: Art/Crafts,Water play,Garden,Inclusive Sports & Play equipm,Local Park,Library/visit local library,Multicultural toys,Music,Outdoor Play area,Outings,Outdoor Toys,Playroom,Sand,TV/DVD/Video,Visit toddler groups,Computer

  2. Quality, affordable childcare in a clean, safe and fun loving in-home location providing a feeling of security and familiarity for children. *Registered Ofsted, First Aid Certified, and DBS checked childminder. *EYFS based pre-school curriculum – playtime fun, learning activities, music/ singing and dancing, arts and crafts, computer time, story time, field trips and ‘theme days’. *Flexible weekend and overnight care available. *Nutritious meals included; Breakfast, Lunch and snacks.

    Nook Fields, Bolton, BL2 4LN
    01204 528752

    Available facilites: Library/visit local library,Music,Local Park,Inclusive Sports & Play equipm,Garden,Computer,Water play,Visit toddler groups,TV/DVD/Video,Sand,Playroom,Pet Types,Outdoor Play area,Outings,Outdoor Toys
    Other languages: French,German

  3. Childminder

    My speciality is mindfulness where we learn how to express, manage and control our emotions using lots of activities, tools and relaxation methods.
    Caters for: Special Dietary Needs,Vegetarian
    Available facilites: Sensory Room,Computer,Water play,Visit toddler groups,TV/DVD/Video,Sensory facilities,Sand,Playroom,Music,Multicultural toys,Drama
    Other languages: Makaton

  4. Currently offering only school pick ups and drop offs

    Layton Drive, Kearsley, Bolton, BL4 8JF

    Available facilites: Playroom,Outdoor Toys,Outings,Outdoor Play area,Visit toddler groups,Library/visit local library,Local Park,Garden,Computer,Music
    Other languages: Yoruba

  5. Childminder

    Church Avenue, Bolton, BL3 4AW

    Available facilites: Garden,Multicultural toys,Music,Outings,Playroom,TV/DVD/Video
    Other languages: Urdu,Punjabi

  6. Childminder

    I have experience of working with children in childcare setting for over 2 years.

    Briarfield Road, Farnworth, Bolton, BL4 0HD

    Available facilites: TV/DVD/Video,Water play,Sand,Outings,Outdoor Play area,Music,Multicultural toys,Language lessons,Garden,Drama,Computer
    Other languages: Urdu,Punjabi,Hindi

  7. Childminder

    My aim is to provide quality, flexible and affordable childcare within a friendly home setting. first aid, DBS cleared, also a member of PACEY and childcare.co.uk. Accredited to provide funding places to 2/3 and 4 years olds.

    Briarfield Road, Farnworth, Bolton, BL4 0HD

    Caters for: Halal
    Available facilites: Sand,Art/Crafts,Visit toddler groups,Water play,Playroom,Outdoor Toys,Outings,Outdoor Play area,Music,Multicultural toys,Library/visit local library,Local Park,Inclusive Sports & Play equipm,Computer,TV/DVD/Video
    Other languages: Punjabi,Urdu

  8. Full Day Care

    Al Huda Academy, Hennon Street, Bolton, BL1 3EH
    01204 841377

    Available facilites: Art/Crafts,Ball Pool,Books,Computer,Disabled toilet facilities,Early learning activities,Local Park,Library/visit local library,Multicultural toys,Music,Outings,Outdoor Toys,Playroom,Sand,Sensory facilities,Water play
    Other languages: Gujarati,Urdu,English

  9. Aintree Road, Little Lever, Bolton, BL3 1EP

    Available facilites: TV/DVD/Video,Water play,Computer,Garden,Sand,Music,Outdoor Play area,Outings,Playroom,Multicultural toys

  10. Langside Drive, Bolton, BL3 4US
    01204 654 878

    Available facilites: Visit toddler groups,Water play,TV/DVD/Video,Sand,Playroom,Outdoor Toys,Outings,Outdoor Play area,Music,Multicultural toys,Library/visit local library,Local Park,Inclusive Sports & Play equipm,Garden,Conservatory,Art/Crafts,Computer
    Other languages: Urdu

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