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  1. Local Authority Nursery

    Devon Street, Bolton, BL4 7PY
    01204 333083

  2. Maint. Nursery Schools & Class

    01204 332170

  3. Providers of quality care and education with fully qualified and experienced staff. Interpreter available.

    Rose Hill Church, Westbourne Avenue, Bolton, BL3 2JZ
    07851 491753

    Available facilites: Sand,Playroom,Pet Types,Outdoor Toys,Outings,Outdoor Play area,Water play,Multicultural toys,Local Park,Garden,Early learning activities,Dance,Computer,Music
    Other languages: Pari/Pahari,Urdu

  4. Member of the Bolton Children Come First Childminding Network - Accredited to provide the flexible free entitlement for 3 and 4 year olds. I achieved the NCMA 'Quality First' Level 3 Quality Assurance Award in July 2006. NVQ3 in Childcare Learning and Development in March 2009. Member of the NCMA. The conservatory is used as a changing room/toy storage to facilitate easy access to outdoors and outdoor play.

    Deepdale Road, Bolton, BL2 5LW
    01204 522108

    Available facilites: Computer,Outdoor Toys,Inclusive Sports & Play equipm,Local Park,Library/visit local library,Multicultural toys,Music,Outdoor Play area,Outings,Water play,Visit toddler groups,TV/DVD/Video,Sand,Pet Types,Garden

  5. Childminder

    I provide an excellent quality and high standard of childcare for babies and children from birth to 8 years+. I have cared for children of family and friends for over eight years. I have worked hard to establish my setting to be loving, homely, friendly, safe and above all fun for all the children. I keep in touch with members of Bolton Council Star Well Teams, enabling me to obtain up-to-date information on various issues that can arise in childcare. My family home is an end terrace and I use

    Heatley Gardens, Westhoughton, Bolton, BL5 3GH

    Available facilites: Water play,Visit toddler groups,TV/DVD/Video,Sand,Pet Types,Outdoor Toys,Music,Garden,Pet Dog(s),Computer
    Other languages: English

  6. My home is located just outside of the town centre. £4.50 an hour or £30 for a full day.

    Dean Court, Bolton, BL1 2SA
    01204 521811

    Available facilites: Visit toddler groups,Water play,Sand,Pet Types,Outdoor Toys,Outings,Outdoor Play area,Music,Multicultural toys,Library/visit local library,Local Park,Inclusive Sports & Play equipm,Garden,Computer,TV/DVD/Video

  7. Childminder

    I provide parents with high quality childcare which is convenient, flexible and affordable. Children have a home from home environment where they feel safe, secure, relaxed and able to enjoy their time whilst learning through play. The children and I visit toddler groups, childrens play centre and spend days at parks, libraries and other local groups. Please feel free to give me a call to discuss yours and your child’s needs.

    New Heys Way, Bolton, BL2 4AL
    07557 388776

    Available facilites: Water play,Computer,Garden,Multicultural toys,Music,TV/DVD/Video,Outings,Pet Types,Playroom,Sand,Outdoor Play area

  8. I try to offer a happy family atmosphere for all children and I am always open to any criticism that any parent would like to bring to my attention. If parents have special requests I will try my hardest to fulfill the request. I have achieved the 'Quality First' Quality Assurance Award and Qualified to NVQ Level 3 in childcare and development. I have been childminder for over 11 years. I am happily married and have two teenage daughters.

    Masefield Road, Little Lever, Bolton, BL3 1NQ
    01204 435459

    Special needs: Downs Syndrome
    Available facilites: Computer,Garden,Inclusive Sports & Play equipm,Local Park,Library/visit local library,Multicultural toys,Visit toddler groups,Outings,Outdoor Toys,Pet Types,Playroom,Sand,TV/DVD/Video,Outdoor Play area

  9. Baby Bede's Nursery has a separate under 2 year old'ssuite, with their own separate play area. The under twos rooms, has a non mobile space, where sensory activities are available daily and a mobile space where the children have space to play with a wide range of sensory, construction and role play toys. Activities are changed daily to provide the children with opportunity to progress in their learning. The toddler room, has a large space with different areas supporting the childrens development

    St Bede C Of E Primary School, Morris Green Lane, Bolton, BL3 3LJ
    01204 61899

    Available facilites: Indoor Sports,Multicultural toys,Early learning activities,Disabled toilet facilities,Dance,Computer,Books,Ball Pool,Art/Crafts,Local Park,Library/visit local library,Water play,Swimming,Sand,Playroom,Outdoor Toys,Outings,Outdoor Play area,Music,Garden
    Other languages: Hindi,Urdu

  10. I am local to Moss Bank Park and Doffcocker Lodge. I am only a short bus journey to Bolton town centre library and museum. There is a play group 60 seconds walk away at Church Road Parish Centre.

    Oakenclough Drive, Bolton, Greater Manchester, BL1 5QY
    07957 621513

    Available facilites: Water play,Visit toddler groups,TV/DVD/Video,Pet Types,Outdoor Toys,Outings,Outdoor Play area,Music,Library/visit local library,Local Park,Art/Crafts,Garden

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