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  1. Maint. Nursery Schools & Class

    Devon Street, Bolton, BL4 7PY
    01204 333083

  2. I offer quality care in a warm caring home setting. I have 15 years experience in a nursery setting environment with paediatric first aid and safeguarding training. My premises consists of 2 playrooms on the ground floor and a large outdoor garden space. We also visit local childminding groups where the children can socialise with other children and do lots of trips including beach, trampolining and parks etc.

    Red Lane, Bolton, Greater Manchester, BL2 5EL
    07471 941952

    Available facilites: Outdoor Play area,Outings,Outdoor Toys,Playroom,Sand,TV/DVD/Video,Visit toddler groups,Water play,Baby Facilities,Healthy Eating,Art/Crafts,Ball Pool,Books,Computer,Dance,Early learning activities,Garden,Local Park,Library/visit local library,Multicultural toys,Music
    Other languages: English

  3. Member of the Bolton Children Come First Childminding Network - Accredited to provide the flexible free entitlement for 3 and 4 year olds. I achieved the NCMA 'Quality First' Level 3 Quality Assurance Award in July 2006. NVQ3 in Childcare Learning and Development in March 2009. Member of the NCMA. The conservatory is used as a changing room/toy storage to facilitate easy access to outdoors and outdoor play.

    Deepdale Road, Bolton, BL2 5LW
    01204 522108

    Available facilites: Computer,Outdoor Toys,Inclusive Sports & Play equipm,Local Park,Library/visit local library,Multicultural toys,Music,Outdoor Play area,Outings,Water play,Visit toddler groups,TV/DVD/Video,Sand,Pet Types,Garden

  4. Childminder

    I provide an excellent quality and high standard of childcare for babies and children from birth to 8 years+. I have cared for children of family and friends for over eight years. I have worked hard to establish my setting to be loving, homely, friendly, safe and above all fun for all the children. I keep in touch with members of Bolton Council Star Well Teams, enabling me to obtain up-to-date information on various issues that can arise in childcare. My family home is an end terrace and I use

    Heatley Gardens, Westhoughton, Bolton, BL5 3GH

    Available facilites: Water play,Visit toddler groups,TV/DVD/Video,Sand,Pet Types,Outdoor Toys,Music,Garden,Pet Dog(s),Computer
    Other languages: English

  5. My home is located just outside of the town centre. £4.50 an hour or £30 for a full day.

    Dean Court, Bolton, BL1 2SA
    01204 521811

    Available facilites: Visit toddler groups,Water play,Sand,Pet Types,Outdoor Toys,Outings,Outdoor Play area,Music,Multicultural toys,Library/visit local library,Local Park,Inclusive Sports & Play equipm,Garden,Computer,TV/DVD/Video

  6. Childminder

    I provide parents with high quality childcare which is convenient, flexible and affordable. Children have a home from home environment where they feel safe, secure, relaxed and able to enjoy their time whilst learning through play. The children and I visit toddler groups, childrens play centre and spend days at parks, libraries and other local groups. Please feel free to give me a call to discuss yours and your child’s needs.

    New Heys Way, Bolton, BL2 4AL
    07557 388776

    Available facilites: Computer,Garden,Multicultural toys,Music,Outdoor Play area,Water play,Pet Types,Playroom,Sand,TV/DVD/Video,Outings

  7. I try to offer a happy family atmosphere for all children and I am always open to any criticism that any parent would like to bring to my attention. If parents have special requests I will try my hardest to fulfill the request. I have achieved the 'Quality First' Quality Assurance Award and Qualified to NVQ Level 3 in childcare and development. I have been childminder for over 11 years. I am happily married and have two teenage daughters.

    Masefield Road, Little Lever, Bolton, BL3 1NQ
    01204 435459

    Special needs: Downs Syndrome
    Available facilites: Computer,Garden,Inclusive Sports & Play equipm,Local Park,Library/visit local library,Multicultural toys,Visit toddler groups,Outings,Outdoor Toys,Pet Types,Playroom,Sand,TV/DVD/Video,Outdoor Play area

  8. Baby Bede's Nursery has a separate under 2 year room, with their own separate play area. The under twos rooms, has a non mobile space, where sensory activities are available daily and a mobile space where the children have space to play with a wide range of sensory, construction and role play toys. Activities are changed daily to provide the children with opportunity to progress in their learning. The toddler room, has a large space with different areas supporting the childrens development.

    St Bede C Of E Primary School, Morris Green Lane, Bolton, BL3 3LJ
    01204 328959

    Caters for: Diabetic,Halal,Kosher,Lactose Intolerant,Milk Intolerant,Special Dietary Needs,Varied Diet,Vegan,Vegetarian
    Available facilites: Ball Pool,Playroom,Healthy Eating,Baby Facilities,Multicultural toys,Music,Outdoor Play area,Outings,Outdoor Toys,Library/visit local library,Local Park,Indoor Sports,Garden,Early learning activities,Disabled toilet facilities,Dance,Computer,Art/Crafts,Sand,Swimming,Books,Water play
    Other languages: Hindi,Urdu

  9. I am local to Moss Bank Park and Doffcocker Lodge. I am only a short bus journey to Bolton town centre library and museum. There is a play group 60 seconds walk away at Church Road Parish Centre.

    Oakenclough Drive, Bolton, Greater Manchester, BL1 5QY
    07957 621513

    Available facilites: Outdoor Play area,Outings,Outdoor Toys,Pet Types,TV/DVD/Video,Art/Crafts,Water play,Music,Library/visit local library,Local Park,Garden,Visit toddler groups

  10. 30 hours funding flexible hours meals and snacks included in the price

    Tintern Avenue, Bolton, BL2 2NU
    07515 093368

    Available facilites: Water play,TV/DVD/Video,Sand,Pet Types,Outings,Outdoor Play area,Music,Multicultural toys,Computer,Garden

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