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  1. 30 hours funding flexible hours meals and snacks included in the price

    Tintern Avenue, Bolton, BL2 2NU
    07713 678340

    Available facilites: Multicultural toys,Music,Outdoor Play area,Water play,Garden,Pet Types,Sand,TV/DVD/Video,Computer,Outings

  2. Out of School Care

    Ofsted Reg Number EY499626. We are providing a service which is open 51 weeks per year. We have a high standard of Qualified staff Level 3. We offer a wide range of activities to suit children between the ages of 3/4 years old up to the age of 11/12 years old. We offer a warm friendly, safe environment, where parents/carers can be assured that the staff at Barty's Kids Club will meet their children's needs. A pre-school for 3 and 4 year old children will be opening in January 2015. Funded

    St Bartholomews Church, School Street, Westhoughton, Bolton, BL5 2BG
    01942 665151

    Available facilites: Outdoor Play area,Outdoor Sports,Outings,Outdoor Toys,Playroom,Sand,TV/DVD/Video,Music,Multicultural toys,Library/visit local library,Local Park,Early learning activities,Drama,Computer,Books,Art/Crafts,Water play,Dance

  3. Maint. Nursery Schools & Class

    01204 332170

  4. I am qualified to NVQ Level 3. I offer a varied weekly activity programme which is flexible to cater for the individual daily needs of the children I care for. This can include visits to toddler groups messy play sessions parks picnics etc. My aim is to stimulate the interest and education of the children. I encourage visits prior to childcare so that parents can discuss the childcare on offer and view the facilities available. These are informal and no obligation is attached. I will be happy

    Brooklands, Horwich, Bolton, BL6 5RW
    01204 479149

    Available facilites: Music,Multicultural toys,Library/visit local library,Local Park,Garden,Water play,Outdoor Play area,TV/DVD/Video,Playroom,Pet Types,Outdoor Toys,Outings,Visit toddler groups

  5. BL1
    01204 332170

  6. Full Day Care

    we offer a flexible day rota to suit shift workers, with 4 weeks paid in advance.

    Shady Lane, Bromley Cross, Bolton, BL7 9AF
    01204 303168

    Available facilites: Playroom,Sand,Sensory facilities,TV/DVD/Video,Water play,Pet Types,Outdoor Toys,Outdoor Play area,Music,Library/visit local library,Light stimulation zone,Inclusive Sports & Play equipm,Garden,Disabled toilet facilities,Dance,Wildlife area,Ball Pool,Art/Crafts,Conservatory

  7. BL3
    01204 332170

  8. Rupert Street, Bolton, BL3 6PY
    01204 333466

  9. Vicarage Road West, Blackrod, Bolton, BL6 5DE
    01204 333520

  10. Maint. Nursery Schools & Class

    01204 332170

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