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  1. Contact the Elderly

    Care & Support
    Contact the Elderly
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    Contact the Elderly organises free, monthly Sunday afternoon tea parties for people aged 75 or over who live alone and may not have the same contact with family and friends that they once had.We currently have over 670 groups across England, Scotland and Wales, with 2 held in Bolton and a third being planned. The tea parties are a wonderful way for older people to make friends, get to know people in their community and enjoy an outing once a month with a small group of local friends.If you are

    01925 728969 gwen.lightfoot@contact-the-elderly.org.uk

  2. Deane UCAN Centre

    Care & Support
    Deane UCAN Centre
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    UCAN stands for 'Urban Care And Neighbourhood', the Deane UCAN centre provides a variety of activities, services and information such as housing enquiries, police surgery, internet access, training and information relating to health, employment, community safety, environment and local activities. In addition, we provide assistance with related aspects of job search. CV building, email and basic IT tuition, use of a telephone, and access to up to date vacancies.

    2 Oriel Street, BL3 5PD
    (01204) 329583 fazila.dipoti@boltonathome.org.uk

  3. Driver Hire

    Care & Support

    Specialist Transport & Logistics Recruitment Business. We provide temporary, ongoing and permanent work placements for driving positions and roles such as transport clerks, planners and transport managers. We also provide Driver CPC Training to individuals and transport operators. Although we are now based in Leigh we still provide employment opportunities for the Bolton area.

    331 Manchester Road, BL5 3JY
    (01942) 842338 bolton@driverhire.co.uk

  4. Elise Hendry - Art by Elise

    Care & Support
    Elise Hendry - Art by Elise
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    Hope Centre, Central Drive, BL5 3DS
    (07796) 463852 ArtByElise@outlook.com

  5. Epilepsy Action

    Care & Support

    Epilepsy Action improves the lives of everyone affected by epilepsy. Each year we help over 1 million people understand their epilepsy and treatment options, including through our helpline, and website. We improve healthcare by supporting our epilepsy specialist nurses and epilepsy research. And as the leading epilepsy charity, our voice is listened to, so we campaign for better care and fairer access to education and employment. Over 95 per cent of this life-changing support is funded by

    New Anstey House, LS19 7XY
    (01613) 002382 jfowler@epilepsy.org.uk

  6. Europia

    Care & Support

    Mission: Support, Educate, Empower and Represent East and Central Europeans across Greater Manchester to prosper in their communities. Vision: Europia will be valued, widely recognised and well-networked across Greater Manchester, the UK and across Europe. Europia will be known for helping people in need and empowering them to reach their potential. Europia will be a space for conversation for all communities, enable cultural initiatives and enrich Manchester’s diverse cultural life.

    77 Thompson Street, M4 5FY
    (07763) 711888 hello@europia.org.uk

  7. Excel Education

    Care & Support

    Start your journey to a job and excel in life!We provide a range of services including: Dyslexia screening Literacy Independent living Employability Hair and beauty courses Personal development

    41a Leigh Road, WN7 1QP
    07830 298525 info@exceleducation.org.uk

  8. Farnworth and Kearsley Foodbank

    Care & Support
    Farnworth and Kearsley Foodbank
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    Part of the Trussell Trust network of foodbanks, working in partnership with local churches. We work with frontline care professionals in the local community to provide emergency food to people going through crisis situations. Upon receipt of a voucher from a care professional - such as money advisors, social workers, doctors or the Citizens Advice Bureau among others - people living in Farnworth, Kearsley and some areas of Little Hulton, can get 3 days worth of emergency food from our centre,

    Trafford Street, BL4 7PQ
    (01204) 861671 info@farnworthkearsley.foodbank.org.uk

  9. Friends of Seven Acres

    Care & Support

    We are a community group operating in the Breightmet and Tonge areas of Bolton centred around Seven Acres Country Park and Local Nature Reserve. We aim to promote the park to those living in and around the area and also to the wider Bolton community. We are very proud of this wonderful site and wish many people to come and visit it. We run regular guided walks, for all age groups, mainly focussed on the wildlife and the local history. We also organise clean up events and have a volunteer group

    499-511 Bury Road, BL2 6DH
    (01204) 663754 info@7acres.org.uk

  10. Get Active

    Care & Support
    Get Active
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    We are a vibrant and friendly team working with community groups and local residents to find easy ways of making physical activity fun and enjoyable. We help and support adults looking to become more active and offer a number of ideas on how to get started or keep active. The team also establish new and often subsidised or free physical activity opportunities in the local area. These include a variety of exercise classes, annual festivals and training courses. We also regularly support other

    Castle Hill Centre, Castleton Street, BL2 2JN
    (01204) 333215 anna.roberts@bolton.gov.uk

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