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  1. Friends of Seven Acres

    Care & Support

    We are a community group operating in the Breightmet and Tonge areas of Bolton centred around Seven Acres Country Park and Local Nature Reserve. We aim to promote the park to those living in and around the area and also to the wider Bolton community. We are very proud of this wonderful site and wish many people to come and visit it. We run regular guided walks, for all age groups, mainly focussed on the wildlife and the local history. We also organise clean up events and have a volunteer group

    499-511 Bury Road, BL2 6DH
    (01204) 663754 info@7acres.org.uk

  2. Get Active

    Care & Support
    Get Active
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    We are a vibrant and friendly team working with community groups and local residents to find easy ways of making physical activity fun and enjoyable. We help and support adults looking to become more active and offer a number of ideas on how to get started or keep active. The team also establish new and often subsidised or free physical activity opportunities in the local area. These include a variety of exercise classes, annual festivals and training courses. We also regularly support other

    Castle Hill Centre, Castleton Street, BL2 2JN
    (01204) 333215 anna.roberts@bolton.gov.uk

  3. Halliwell UCAN Centre

    Care & Support

    The Halliwell Urban Care and Neighbourhood Centre - providing resources and services to the residents of Bolton. Our facilities include library collection service, free internet access and use of free phone to contact Council services,utility companies and other agencies. We also have a range of activities and courses at theHalliwell UCAN Centre, why not pop in and see what we can do for you? If yourequire more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We have a 24 hour answer-phone:

    Halliwell UCAN, Hatfield Road, BL1 3BU
    (01204) 335407 halliwell.ucan@bolton.gov.uk

  4. Health Yourself

    Care & Support

    Rough ‘Price/Times’ Guide £10=¼ hr - £25=1hr most sessions: NB: Can always ‘mix and match’ for individual clients. £15 - ½ hr Sitting Up: Using Physio/thumping machine over back area. £25 – 1 hr Hopi Ear Candles: - Full treatment – very relaxing £15 - ½ hr Hopi Ear Candles: - Partial: just Hopi Candles £15 - ½ hr Hopi Ear Candles: - Partial: just Lymphatic Face Drainage £20 – ¼ hr (each 15mins) Sports/Deep tissue. £20 – 45mins - Sitting Up: Indian Head Massage –

    Health Yourself, 48 James Street, Little Lever, BL3 1NF
    01204 793958 Brian.Rob1950@talktalk.net

  5. Home-Start Bolton

    Care & Support
    Home-Start Bolton
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    Home Start provides accredited training for volunteers who in turn provide free, confidential one-to-one support and guidance - as well as practical and emotional aid - to families with a child under 5. Our service has been a lifeline to stressed and struggling parents for nearly three decades. We are a trusted and valued voluntary organisation; we help families with everyday struggles as well as complex issues like multiple births, depression and disability.

    Wood Street, BL1 1DY
    (01204) 362786 admin@homestartbolton.org.uk

  6. Homeless Aid UK

    Care & Support
    Homeless Aid UK
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    Homeless Aid UK is an organisation established and operated by a group of friends from across the UK. Our team of volunteers are dedicated to ending homelessness, by delivering life-changing services and campaigning for change. We work at grass root levels with the homeless in the Bolton & Manchester area, across the UK and globally. We provide food, clothing and other essential items that willhelp the homeless that live on the streets.We rely solely on donations and the support of the

    (07973) 214603 info@homelessaid.co.uk

  7. Horwich Community Centre

    Care & Support
    Horwich Community Centre
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    A base for voluntary, supporting , community and leisure groups for the benefit of the local community. We are a Community Centre in the heart of Horwich providing rooms for hire to the above groups at very low rental cost. Incorporated within the centre is the unique Heritage Exhibition Centre. Entry is free Limited opening time only (See website for further details) https://www.horwich.gov.uk/community_centre.html

    Beaumont Road, Horwich, BL6 7BG
    (01204) 668157 horwich.hrc@onebillnet.co.uk

  8. HUR Health & Fitness Equipment

    Care & Support

    HUR strength exercise machines and balance testing platforms are designed to implement Fall Prevention, Incontinence Reduction, Mobility and Physical Therapy Programs for active and healthy ageing. HUR provide Active Ageing solutions not just equipment. Details and case histories/ references and sample equipment layouts can be found on the company’s UK website:www.huruk.co.uk We will be happy to discuss and/or look at your project(s).

    Moorside, CO1 2TJ
    (01206) 798864 nsmith@huruk.co.uk

  9. Inner Stillness Yoga

    Care & Support

    Flow, Gentle, or Chair YogaSmall friendly yoga classes in Horwich. Karen is a yoga teacher based in Horwich, Bolton. She has a passion for helping students to find simple ways they can createa sense of ease and space in their mind and body through yoga; a place of inner stillness.Yoga is an experiential journey of self-enquiry, increasing your flexibility, strengthening your body and calming your mind. Everybody can do Yoga. You don’t need to be super fit, bendy or able to touch your toes,

    4 Montcliffe Cottages, BL6 6RS
    07955219426 karen.innerstillness@gmail.com

  10. Inspire2Independence

    Care & Support

    Working on various contracts helping people to get job ready and back into employment with support and training and working directly with employers.

    30 Churchgate House, Churchgate, BL1 1HL
    (01204) 373132 kellie.barrick@enteri2i.com

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